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Decorative Trays Trays

Our decorative trays are perfect for any home improvement or decorating task. They are easy to use and are perfect for painting, marble fading, or other home decorating tasks. The metal handles make it easy to carry them around and the slatecoaster system ensure even distribution of weight. They also come with a small hole in the top for easy removal.

Wood Serving Tray with Two Slate Coaster and Metal Handles f

Wood Serving Tray with Two Slate Coaster and

By G2 Product Creations

USD $18.99

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This is a beautiful and unique turkish tray tea coffee decorative trays set of 15x10. Made of high-quality materials, these trays are exactly what you need to put on yourtv or in your coffee cupboard. With catchment anywhere you need it to, these trays are a perfect option for anyone. Also perfect for those who love to cook, these trays come with a built-in kitchen timer which makes it easy to get your tea or coffee fix.
this is a fun and unique piece to add to your kitchen'
this trays features buffaloes running around a center field. The trays are placed in between the? bulls? and are allowing guests to enjoy their meal at the same time as if they were sitting up in the game.